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2018 Open 4 - An Enigmatic Smile - Peter Dini2018 Open 4 - Jagged Reflections - Wal Cattermole2018 Open 4 - Jet Racing - Anne Yuan2018 Open 4 - St Bathans - Aliah Jan2018 Open 4 - Hearst White Tiger - Ron Willems

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Who Are We ?

We are a mad keen group of photographers keen to learn and grow in our craft by sharing our photographic experience and knowledge with others on line.

So, if you want inspiration, help with your photography and want to participate in your own time at your own pace...

Come join us - wherever you are in our beautiful photogenic world...

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September 2018 Meeting

25 September 2018

A regular "Get together" in Christchurch

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2018 Open 4 Results

2018 Open 4 Competition Results

2018 Open 4 Result